Craig & Jan Littlefield's Scrap Book

The big books full of photos are no more. This is our scrap book now.


Our Photos

Legends of Speed

Phoenix Museum Thorne Room

Miniature Museums

Craig's Motorcycles

Nova Scotia August 2019

Motorcycle Trip to Southern Utah June 2019

Boxster Trip to the East Coast May 2019

Motorcycle trip to California May 2019

California trip April 2019

New York City

Jan & Cindy's PEO Tea

Afternoon Tea in Salt Lake City

Finding Craig's birth family

Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Belgium

Car & Motorcycle Museums

Death Valley 2018

Jan's trip to Germany

Katey's Graduation

Panama Canal

Santa Fe Trail


Jan's 70th Birthday Party

Michigan lighthouse hunting

Harley Davidson Museum

Gilmore Auto Museum

Motorcycles to California

Washington, Oregon & BC

Death Valley 2017

Northern Arizona in the Boxster

Mission San Xavier

Colorado in the Boxster

Craig's left foot

Utah motorcycle 2016

Short trip to LA

Amy's Graduation

Amy's Concert 2016

Dwarf car museum

Death Valley 2016

Leslie & Shana's Wedding

Prescott 2015

Utah on the Motorcycles


PEO Mexican Celebration

Riding the Streetcar

Tucson Garden Trains

Date to the Zoo

Jan's Cards

Tombstone & Bisbee

St. Anthony Monastery

PEO Christmas Tea 2014

Phoenix Bike Show

Riding in the Dirt

New Mexico in 5 days

Alpine CA April 2014

Car Saturday at the Mall

Maisy Joins the Family

Death Valley 2014

Visits to Aptos California

Calif Motorcycle trip Dec 2013

Kingston & Alpine

Motorcycle trip to Colorado

The Miniature Museum

PEO Summer Tea

Katie's Graduation 2013

Colorado Trip May 2013

Motorcycling in Peru

Vintage Bike Show 2013

Snow in Tucson?

Death Valley 2013

Friday Ride to Jeff Dean's

Dirt Roads to Young AZ

Mission Trip to Rocky Point

Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally

A Getaway to Garlands

Ride to Kingston NM

Motorcycle Ride to Southern Utah

Continental Divide Ride

Visit to SLC & Park City


Craig's 75th Birthday Party

Troy's Family Visits Us

Spring School Concerts 2012

At the Fair 2012

Big Bend 2012

A Friday Ride to Patrick's

Death Valley Ride 2012

Amy's School Concert

Building Craig's New Foot
(Not for weak stomachs)

Friday Rides

Demoing Gathering 2011

Amy's Concert 2011

Nicaragua Mission Trip

Jan's Luncheon & Bunko Party

California with Len Robbins

SEAT Meeting in Silver City

At the Circus 2011

WBS Races at Miller Raceway

New Years Day Ride 2011

Craig's Foot Problem

Christmas 2010

Grand Canyon & Sedona


Motorcycles to Rose Creek

With Roger to Colorado

Ride to the BMW National

2010 Activities

Following the Mormon Trail

Visiting Leah June 2010

Utah & Colorado Motorcycle Trip

Ride to Big Bend 2010

Motorcycles to Calif 2009

Trip to Florida

Nick's Graduation

Sam's Play & Dance

To California for Will's Birthday

Camping with the Grandkids

Riding the Old BMWS

Death Valley 2009

New Years Day on Mt. Lemmon

Christmas Season 2008

Deming Gathering 2008

Touring Arizona Counties

Road Trip July 2008

Making Cards

Doll Clothes

Amy's Swimming 2008

Going to the Races

Sam's Graduation

Talent Show

Mother's Day 2008

California April 2008

Camping March 2008

Julia's Birthday

Army Days in Germany

Death Valley 2008

January Birthdays

Rose Parade

Motorcycling on the Mt. Lemmon Highway


Leff's Driveway



Craig's Email