Back Roads to Young

On November 16th, Len Robbins. Dave Delie, Jeffery Mayger, Jim Hansen and Craig Littlefield rode our BMW GS motorcycles to Young Arizona.

We drove through Globe, up AZ188 and turned onto AZ288. 6 miles up the road we turned right on Cherry Creek Road. From there on it is all dirt. For awhile it was nice smooth dirt roads over high plains overlooking the mountains in all directions. Then it turned rougher with steep uphills and downhills over rocky terrain.  At times we were sure that R1200GS motorcycles were not made for these kinds of trails. We met AZ288 12 miles south of Young.

We stayed the night in the Pleasant Valley Motel in Young. We had a great dinner in the Antlers Cafe. The peaceful town was interrupted however when the drunk girl we sat next to in the bar ran off the road in front of our motel and took out a pump house building. The town needed a little excitement.

The next day after discussions with several of the locals about the condition of surrounding roads we decided to ride to top of two peaks south of Young off of AZ288.

The first trail we went up was Reynolds Creek, and the mountain there was Center Mountain.  We looked down upon Cherry Creek road below where we had come up the day before.

The second road was up Workman Creek, and that road went to Workman Creek Falls and topped out at Aztec Peak. That is where the tall fire tower was.

This is beautiful country but we did run into some slippery mud and snow. These were great GS roads however.


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