Spring School Concerts

There were 3 concerts this spring.

The first was a talent show at Amy's School, Coronado Jr. High. Amy played her keyboard.

The second is a big event at Centennial Hall at the University of Arizona. Twelve grand pianos as set up on the stage. Groups of 24 pianists come on the stage at one time with two on each piano. There was 31 groups of kids this year. There are over 500 kids. This is the 5th year Amy has performed.

On May 1, 2012, at Ironwood Ridge High School, they held the yearend vocal concert for Iron Ridge High School and the junior highs and elementary schools the feed Ironwood Ridge.

Amy is now in the 8th grade at Coronado Jr. High. Her choir sang. She will be going to Ironwood Ridge next year.

Samantha is a senior and this is her last year at Ironwood Ridge. Her singing and dancing group performed one of their last concerts for this school year.

The last concert was also at Coronado Jr. High. It was the spring concert of Amy's Choir. She sang a solo, with a trio, with the entire choir and with the 8th graders. At the end the teacher gave her an award for been the best contributor to the choir over her 3 years at Coronado. We were all very proud of her.

Talent show

At Centennial Hall

At the High School

The Coronado Jr. High concert

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