Rose Parade

We loaded up two cars and headed for LA. Tracy drove with LeAnne and the two girls, Amy and Sam, playing in the back seat. Jan and I had Nick with us. He was plugged in most of the time and caught up on his sleep.

We stayed at a Hampton Inn in West Covina. We arrived on the 30th and that night we went to the Crystal Cathedral to see their Christmas extravaganza complete with live camels, sheep, goats and horses. Angels flew in from the high ceiling. Great show.

The next day we went to one of the construction areas to see them put the finishing touches on the floats. Everything is done with flowers, seeds and other natural materials. We then went to the parade site on Colorado Avenue. We walked the town looking at some historic buildings. People were already starting to camp out on the side of the road to guarantee a good parade seat. Then we drove over to the Santa Monica pier for a little beach time.

The day of the parade we had reserved seats at a church on Colorado Ave. We arrived about 6:30 am and they gave us a place to park. That is a big deal at the Rose Parade. With 1 million people parking spaces are hard to find. The church fed us breakfast and then we walked the parade route waiting for the parade to start. People had camped out all night and celebrated the new year at midnight.

We had front row seats in the bleachers in front of the church. Our seats were about 8 feet off the grownd so we could see over the crowd and get great photos.

After negotiating a huge traffic jam we managed to find a clear freeway for the ride home.

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The day before

Crystal Cathedral photos from their website. No photos were allowed.
The final touches being completed
Monument to the dead in Iraq

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