Friday Ride to Rose Creek

Len, Steve and I took a ride up to see some property that Len had purchased on the Globe-Young highway, AZ 288. Our original plan was to continue up to Young and back through Payson. The salesman at the Rose Creek ranch was so excited to see us come that he would not let us go. He loaded us in a golf cart, that he thought was an off road vehicle, and took us to every corner of the property. Then he fed us lunch. This is a section of national forest and wilderness between Lake Roosevelt and highway 77 to Show Low. It is beautiful country and there is no one up there. It is undiscovered. At least until now. Len has picked out a great wooded lot to build a vacation home.

We plan to go back, make it all the way to Young, and explore more.

You don't think Len is excited about this land do you?

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