Building a House in Rocky Point

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On Veteran's Day weekend Craig went on a mission trip with St. Andrew's to Rocky Point to build a house. There were sixteen people on the St. Andrew's build team. They were our build leader, Kevin Oxman, our spiritual leader Paige Williamson, Will & Linda DeBoer, Scott Fiore, Heidi Fisher, Steve & Judy Herzog, Doug Klein, Nancy McKinney, Erik McKinney, John & April Richie, Mike Thompson and Jana Knutson.

The group left on Thursday, November 8th, in a caravan of 4 vehicles. We stayed at either  a campground or condos on the beach. We laid the concrete foundation for the two room house that afternoon. Friday the framed walls were erected, the roof installed and the first coat of stucco applied. Saturday morning the final coat of stucco was applied and the finishing touches completed. Everyone participated in the build including the family, neighbors and the local children. We all gathered at noon on Saturday to dedicate the house and give the keys to the family. We also gave the family friendship gifts of household items, a hand made quilt and a framed photo of the work crew.
Each morning breakfast was served at the campground and each evening we gathered for dinner, a devotion and shared experiences of the day. On Sunday morning there was a worship service on the beach with an inspiring message from a local pastor. Two people were baptized in the Sea of Cortez. Everyone was pleased with what they had accomplished and enjoyed the fellowship with the fellow builders and the Mexican people. Everyone was very warm and friendly.  
The weather was not the best. The first night the wind came up and flattened some of our tents. Nine of our members had rented  a 3 bedroom unit and a 4 bedroom unit in a condo next to the campground. They saved all of us not-so-rugged campers. We all slept on the floors and hide-a-beds the next two nights.


This was my classic 40 year old tent. It was not going to hold up too well in the wind.

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