A Week at Park City

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We went to Park City just to see what it was like. We have several friends that go there for the summer. We also wanted to visit friends and relatives and do genealogy research. I grew up in Salt Lake and 8 of my 8 great grandparents and 12 of my 16 great, great grandparents are Mormon pioneers. It is fun to learn their stories. We rented a condo in downtown Park City for the week driving into SLC almost every day.

The first night we were there we went with my sister Leah and her husband Allen to a concert at the Convention Center. It was a pioneer day concert featuring renowned Welsh Mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins. The performance was wonderful and the building is gorgeous. It holds 20,000 people. Click here to see a video of the performance.
Afterwards we walked back to the car through the old Hotel Utah. They have done a wonderful job rebuilding downtown SLC. It is a beautiful downtown area. Leah plays the piano in the lobby. It is now a church office building.
Sunday we stayed around Park City. The place is mobbed on a Sunday. There was a street fair going on. We like to go to Cow's for an ice cream.
Monday morning we started our research at the new church history library. This is a beautiful new building downtown which keeps all the church related history.  The technology they now have for searching both on the internet and with microfilms is wonderful. A real hi-tech place.
At noon we left the library to go to lunch. The downtown is really impressive.
Other days we visited other libraries around town searching for new information. We did real well and found stories on many of my pioneer relatives.
We visited the Utah history library which holds some of my great grandfather's journals and records. It is located in the old Rio Grande train station that has been completely restored.
We also visited the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum. Jan was thrilled as we found records and life stories on many of my ancestors that we had never seen before. She bought copies of many of them and some old photos of them we had not seen before. They have a large collection of items from Utah's pioneer days as well.
We also visited the Sons of the Utah Pioneers museum where Jan found some more records.
We also went back to the Family History Library and looked. We found a great book on my Holladay ancestors.
We stopped at the LDS Church History Museum too.
Leah, Allen, Jan and I drove past the house where I lived, except for the army, from age 10 until I was 25. Mother lived in the house for 48 years. We sold the house in 1995 when mother moved into a retirement place. There was a young woman in the yard so I got out of the car to talk to her. She, her husband and their 2 year old gave us a tour of the yard and the inside of the house. It looked great. I left  with the wonderful feeling that our old house had started a new life with a new young family.
The town of Holladay is named after my great, great grandfather. We did a walking tour of the pioneer monuments.
We also stopped by to see the house where my grandfather lived and we visited as children. It used to be a 5 acre farm but now it is just an old house surrounded by new homes. They named one of the streets after my grandfather, Blackburn Lane. The house looked the same as it did when I went there as a child over 70 years ago.
One day we drove to Ogden and then up Ogden Canyon, over the mountain to Morgan and then up to Wanship to find a grave stone. it was a gorgeous day and we were successful in finding the headstone.

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