Three days in Northern Arizona in the Boxster

It was a three day Valentine get-a-way. I told Jan we were just going to get a sitter for Maisy and we were taking off for unplanned destinations.

We ended up the first night in Winslow Arizona. We stayed in the La Posada Hotel. Back in the hay day of the railroads the Fred Harvey build first class hotels along the Santa Fe railroad. This was one of the best and after being closed in 1957, falling into disrepair and being restored it is now on the Historic registry We stayed the night and ate in the 5 star restaurant. It is a museum of American folk art and of Route 66. One of the owners of the hotel is an artist named Tina Mion. Much of her work is displayed.

The next day we "stood on the corner" in Winslow Arizona and then drove north into Indian county and back into Flagstaff. We visited the Museum of Northern Arizona and the visitor center. We then drove down Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona, on to Jerome, over Mingus Mountain to Prescott for the night.

The next day we visited Montezuma's Castle. We stopped in Phoenix to visit the Phoenix Art Museum.

A nice break in our busy lives.

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The guest used to arrive by train. The would stop for a short time or stay for several days.

This was the main entrance then. From the south off of the railroad tracks.

This used to be the rear entrance. It led off to the north. Old route 66 went right past this side of the building. As the road became more important this became the main entrance as it is now.

This was our room

This is the dining room

This is a first class restaurant. It was expensive. Craig had a plate of quail, dear, elk and bear.

And a beer

There was a walking tour that took us a couple of hours. Every time we would walk down a hallway we would find something to look at that we had not seen before. You could spend days exploring the halls.

And the gardens

There were many paintings by Tina Mion. Her and her husband own the hotel and live upstairs.

A train goes by every 15 minutes. Amtrack stops here once in the early morning and once late in the evening.

one of Tina Mion's larger paintings

Tina Mion did a series on president's wives.

Nancy Reagan

Page 2, Flagstaff and the ride home

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