Ride to Miller Raceway 2011

Every year the World Superbike race have been coming to Miller Raceway in Toole Utah. Dave, Len and I went this year. We stayed the first night in Hatch Utah. We took some of our favorite Utah roads to get to our motel in Lehi.

I spent Sunday riding in the snowy mountains above SLC while Dave and Len went to the races. I was all bundled up in my winter riding gear and did fine. Dave and Len froze at the races.

I visited the house I lived in until I was 10, went to a Littlefield family reunion, visited with my best friend Scott and his wife Judy and spent a great evening having dinner with my sister and her family in SLC Sunday night.

Monday we all went to the races and then drove to Beaver that night. It was only 600 miles home the next day.

Speed Channel caught Don Cameron, Dave and Len freezing at the races on Sunday.

The rivers above SLC were all rushing with water.

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