Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee

May 2017

We visited the museum on our lighthouse hunting trip to Wisconsin and Michigan.

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Craig got to ride a new Harley

And an old one

Harley was very forward thinking as they started keeping examples of their models right from the first. They were stashed away in a warehouse for years until they built this museum. They are priceless.

This is probably the most valuable motorcycle in the world. They believe it to be the first Harley. It was built in 1903. While they know all the parts are not from the first bike many are and were stamped with the number 1.

This was Craig's first motorcycle. A 1939 Knucklehead.

This Harley was in a sealed shipping container that was washed into the ocean during the TsunamisĀ in Japan. The container was found on the western US coastline several years later

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