Colorado Springs for Katelyn's Graduation

December 2017

Our grandaughter Katey received her Bachelor Degree in Psychology.

Jan was not there was she was in Germany seeing the Christmas villages with Cindy.


These next two photos were taken professionally

Proud parents Teresa and Troy

With her boy friend Colton

Mariah. Her best friend since middle school.

I arrived on Thursday morning. The graduation was on Friday. On Saturday Troy and I went for a ride. It was a beautiful clear day. Temperatures in the mid 50s. The road to the top of Pikes Peak was open and clear. It was unusually good weather for the middle of December.

We could see for over 100 miles.

Troy and his beautiful Audi A6

After coming off the mountain we drove another 40 miles to Cripple Creek for an ice cream.

New puppies are come to the littlefield household in Colorado Springs for Christmas



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