Craig's Foot

These pictures are a bit gross. Parent discretion advised. If you have a weak stomach go on to another page. This foot problem however took over both our lives for several months. This is the longest time he has been off a motorcycle since 1961.

Beginning in November 2010 Craig noticed that his right foot was swelling. After many tests by our GP for a blood clots, Broken bones, sprains, gout, an infection and other possible causes he went to a foot doctor on January 17th. He knew immediately that it was something called Charcot's Joint. It is a condition resulting from neurothopy. Craig has had neurothopy for several years and he thinks it was caused by all the years he did serious running. The doctor thinks it is probably genetic.

The Charcot joint results in a breaking down of the joints in the foot. The big toe and second toe moved to the left and the other 3 toes moved to the right. It can not be fixed or reversed. The only thing that could be done is to put it in a case and hope the foot stabilizes. The idea is that when the cast comes off it will stay where it is and not get worse.

The original prediction was 6 weeks in a case. It was removed on April 26th, 14 weeks later.

It is a very strange looking foot and if Craig walks too much it will start to hurt. However the cast is gone and he can now drive his stick shift car and motorcycles again. If it does not get worse again all will be well.

Foot in early January. It it's worse.

Xrays. You can see where the joints have moved in the right foot.

Craig Lived with this on for 14 weeks. Driving Jan's automatic car with the left foot worked good.

The day the cast came off

It does not look too bad now......

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