Trip to Florida, Georgia and South Carolina

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This is the kind of vacation Jan wanted. It would have a real slow pace. No consecutive marathon driving days. Sleeping in in the morning. A nice B&B with a B&B breakfast every morning. All the time she wanted to walk the beaches and look for shells. That is exactly what happened.

We flew out of Tucson to Ft. Myers Florida on April 25th, 2009. Ft. Myers is about 2/3 of the way down the western coast of Florida. Sanibel Island is a small island the sticks out going east and west from the coast south of Ft. Myers.

We again rented a Prius. Perfect for road trips.
We spent the first morning in Ft. Myers visiting the winter estate of Thomas Edison with a house owned by his friend Henry Ford. Edison had a laboratory he built here. He loved the place and spent winters here.

This is the second largest Mango tree in the United States. It covered over an acre. This is just one small corner of it. It was the largest until they trimmed it. That is Edison in 1.5 scale standing there.

The typical 1900 Florida house. Everything was open to keep it cool.

Orchids grew on the side of the huge trees.

The roots of a fig tree.

Another huge fig tree. The house is on the Caloosahatchee River.

Stag Horn ferns growing on the trees

Edison's laboratory. He researched different materials for making tires and synthetic rubber.

An early Ford V8. Craig spent a lot of time working on these in his Great Race rally days.

Our room on the beach. This is an old traditional Florida resort where the rooms were right down on the sand and you walked right out onto the beach.

The beach right outside our room.

Shells everywhere. They were sometimes six inches deep. The challenge is to find that "perfect" shell.

We really enjoy hunting down and photographing lighthouses. This is the lighthouse on Sanibel Island. It is not too picturesque. Better ones are to come.

One afternoon we drove about 40 miles south to Naples Florida. This is a spotless town with huge new and old houses everywhere. The beach is the most perfect beach we have ever seen. The beach was pristine and the water was perfectly clear. There was a pier where anyone could fish. Dolphins swam around the pier and the beach and there were huge pelicans.

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