Finding Craig's Birth Families

I always knew I was adopted and it did not concern or interest me. I had a wonderful adopted family. In December of 2017 however I decided to find out my ethnicity and did an DNA test. I wasn't really interested in finding lost relatives. In January I received my DNA results. Besides telling you where your relatives came from it also gives you a long list of names and user names of people you are related to. Ancestry sends to all those people a note saying that you have been added to the list. A lost niece contacted me. She told me who my mother was. Other contacts located my siblings and my father. My mother and my father were both married but not to each other. I was the 7th child of 10 that my mother had. Two of us were given up for adoption. The other 8 grew up together and were very close.

I have written up the whole story of discovery if you are interested.

In June 0f 2018 Jan and I drove to Utah to meet my new relatives. Of the 7 brothers and 2 sisters on my mother's side 2 brothers and one sister are still living. They are still very close and they had a lot of stories to tell of their childhoods together.

We spent a whole day with my younger brother Speed, his wife Jean and their daughter Tonya. Speed is 6 years younger than me. They live in a nice home on the edge of beautiful farm country in Nibley, just south of Logan.

The next day in north Ogden we met with my sister Cheryl Conley, her friend Dell, her daughter Robin and Robin's husband Rocky. Also there were my older brother Don and his wife Deb. Speed, Jean and Tonya also drove down from Logan. Cheryl has a nice home in a gated community on the golf course. Cheryl is 13 months younger than me and Don is 2 years older.

It was a wonderful experience. All of them were so welcoming to Jan and me. There is too much to tell here. You will have to ask me.

The next day we met with a nephew, Travis Hadley, on my father's side in Ogden. His wife Carla has been my main contact for the Hadley family and is very enthusiastic about finding me and researching the whole family. This genealogical stuff is really addicting. My father had 6 other children, 5 boys and a girl. One brother is still alive and lives in Mesquite NV and my sister lives in Montana. I have not contacted either one of them yet.

Both my birth families are from Mormon Pioneers. My mother's family is the Becks. My Beck great grandfather was converted to the Mormon church in Germany in the 1850 and came to Utah. My Hadley side joined the church in England in the 1850s and came to Utah in the 1860s. Jan, our genealogical wiz, has traced the history of both families. In my adopted family all 8 great grandparents were also Mormon pioneers.

Jean and Speed McPhie, Jan and Craig
Speed and I look very much alike. We are the same height and build. Both very good looking but with little hair.
Jean and Speed with their daughter Tonya.
This is the house in Nibley Utah where my mother lived with her last husband the last 20 years of her life
Jean, Jan, Craig, my older brother Don and younger sister Cheryl. Speed sitting. Both Speed and I had one foot in casts.
ON the left is Robin, Cheryl's daughter and her husband Rocky. Don's wife Deb is behind Cheryl.
Three brothers
Two of my new nieces Tonja McPhie Houston and Robin Conley Lambourne. They were both a lot of fun.
Johan Beck. My great, great grandfather on my father's side. He went to Utah in the 1850s.
My mother Velma Beck
My 8 Utah siblings in 1972
6 of the 8 later
My older brother Don, Speed and Cheryl. I would have been between Don and Speed.
My nephew Travis on my father's side and his wife Carla. We met them in Ogden. Carla was real enthusiastic about discovering me and the whole Hadley family history.
My father and his wife. Dennis is still alive.
My great, great grandparents on my father's side. They went to Utah in the 1860s.

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