Ride to the East Coast in the Boxster

May 2019

We just5 want4ed to go for a ride for a couple of weeks. I wanted to see the border wall along the Rio Grande in sout west Texas. Jan wanted to see the missions in Tennessee. I wanted to go to Deals Gap and drive the Tail of the Dragon. Jan wanted to find the location of two plantations owned by my Holladay relatives in Alabama and South Carolina. Mostly I just wanted to go for a ride.

We took our Porsche Boxster. We stayed off of freeways and away from big towns as much as possible. The weather in the rest of the country was terrible but we didn't have a drop of rain nor hardly a cloud. We would put the top down every morning but about 2 pm we would had enough sun and the top would go up and Jan's book would come out. We rode in 13 states. The car kept track of the trip. 5834 miles in 99.58 hours of driving. We averaged 35.4 MPG. That little car is a great trip car if you leave the dog home.

We stayed the first night in Marathon Texas. We had stayed at this cute hotel with a great restaurant trip on a motorcycle trip years ago. It was nice but not as nice as we remebered it.

The Rio Grand is like a snake in southern Texas. I winds all over. They have built the border fence well into the United States. They esetually have given the river to Mexico. Many americans have to go through the fence to get to there homes. There were ball fields on the south side of the fence. No problem. The fence had big gates that were open with not guards. We could just drive through the fence unbothered.

Downtown San Antonio was nice. There were 5 missions built in and around the city in the 1700. One is the Alamo. We visited the other 4. They are all beautiful.

The only place we had any traffic was in San Antonio. It was terrible. San Antonio has grown north almost solid to Austin. We got out ot there and went to College station for the night. The next day we drove to Natchez Mississippii for the night.

The river was near flood stage. It is such a huge imprssive river anyway. We went to a small restaurant right on the river. Some roads were closed from the water. It was a nice spot however.

The next morning we drove north to Vicksburg to visit the Civil War battle site.

This is an old Union warship that they recovered from the river and restored

The town of Vicksburg is a historic district. It is on the river with high walls protecting the town from the water. thery have painted murals on them.

We stayed the next night in Tualow. It is Elves home town and there was a statue of him in the park and you could visit his home. We didn't.

My great great grandfather, John Holliday, was a plantation owner in Alabama. He claimed to have 99 slaves. He sold the plantation and gave the slaves their freedom in 1847 and he and his family, now Mormans, led a wagon train to Salt Lake City. They arrived 3 days after Brigham Young. We found the site of the town he lived in. It is all gone now but the search was fun.

We stopped in a library to look up a rare book that was written about my Holladay relatives. Jan found it. She is good at this geneological stuff.

The next day we drove through the Smoky mountains across northern Alabama into Tennesse, Georgia, North Carolina, to Columbia South Carolina. Nice scienry with great roads and no traffic.

In Camden South Carolina we found the location of my relatives plantation before the moved to Alabama. Then we drove north Staying in Washington North Caralina. Each afternoon we would have a shake for lunch. Our favorite places were Chick Flick and Sonic driveins.

We went out to the Outer Banks. We were there years ago when it was sand and beaches. Now it is hugh houses and condos. We hunted down an old lighthouse.


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