Death Valley 2012

We again scheduled a motorcycle trip to Death Valley in 2012. For several reasons we had not gone for 3 years. Before that we went every year. It is a SEAT (our motorcycle club) event. We had about 25 people this year.

I had got my foot out of the cast 2 days earlier. I had not been on a motorcycle for over 2 months and I was very itchy for a ride. I strapped my crutch on the back of the BMW R1200GS. 

We left on Thursday morning, January 29th. At first there was 5 of us riding together until Bill Richardson got a flat and after plugging the tire decided to go back home.

We met for beers and dinner at the Colorado Belle in Laughlin Thursday night. We love the $20 rooms. Friday morning we stopped in Searchlight for breakfast and then on to Death Valley. We came in the lower road stopping at Dead Water, the lowest spot in the USA. Then we went to Daunte's view where we could look one mile down into the valley.

Saturday I took it easy on my foot while the others rode some dirt roads down the west side of the valley. Both Friday and Saturday nights we gathered around the campfire to eat, drink and tell lies.

Sunday Dave Delie and I rode all the way home together. We left Death Valley at 7 in the morning in the dark and 600 miles later were home. We got home by 4:30. That was our favorite day.

(I have added some photos taken by Kelly Spicer)

Kelly's photos

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