Death Valley March 2017

March 16 to 19, 2017 

We had a good crowd at the Brewery at the Colorado Belle. Some came just for the ride and fun at Laughlin. They included Ed Birch, Quentin Harden and Roger Volker. Rick Arnold, Skip Blecker and Ron Browne went to Death Valley on Tuesday, did a lot of dirt riding and then returned to Laughlin for Thursday night. Mike and Cecilia Lary came from their home in Las Vegas and rode to Death Valley along with Don Cameron, Ross Carroll, Casey Clark, Dave Delie, Bill Getter, Craig Littlefield and Ron Shannon.

The weather was great everywhere. It was hot in the bottom of the valley in the afternoons but cooler at the higher elevations

Meeting at Tangerine and I10

Bill Getter

The station in Gila Bend

The bridge on Old US 80

The Yanrell fire memorial

At the Colorado Belle

Craig and Casey got a room above the Brewery with a view

Our dirt riders Skip, Ron and Rick

Breakfast in Searchlight

A stop in Shoshone

At Bad Water

Dante's Point

Dinner in Beatty

Casey at the bar

An early start

At the Rhyolite ghost town near Beatty

A b;reak at Stovepipe Wells

Stopped on US95 coming home

At the London Bridge

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