Craig's left foot

August 2015 to November 2016

This is not a pretty story but one I want to remember hoping it is solved. I do want to document what happen while hoping I will forget it. The second page is photos. Don't look if medical photos bother you.

I developed a small sore on the ball of my left foot in mid August 2015. I went off to a motorcycle trip to Prescott and when I returned it had got worse. I went to my primary care doctor and he refused to treat it. He pulled some strings and immediately got me into the TMC Wound Center. They specialize is healing bad wounds that will not heal. They use a variety of techniques. Most of their patients are diabetics with foot sore the will not heal. Many lead to amputations.

I went there several times a week for months. I also had an operation which attempted to clean out the wound and aid healing. They tried different techniques without the sore healing.

In December the doctor decided that I had an infection in the bone of my big toe. I had an operation to remove my big toe.

It healed quickly in January but then another sore developed. Another operation a then removed my metatarsal bones. I then developed a sore on the top of my second toe and another operation to removed the joint from my second toe and cut all the ligament in my other three toes.

I was in boots and casts. I could not walk on the foot so I used crutches and a kneeling scooter. The scooter was a blessing as it gave me wheels and I could really move on the thing. I put a bell on it to warm people as I rushed up behind them.

I was back on both feet in April of 2016. I was back on the motorcycle and my bicycle. Then another sore developed that did not heal completely until Thanksgiving. I was off the motorcycle for 9 moths but still managed to put 13,000 miles on it between relapse. Pray I have no more problems.

Here are the photos. Consider yourself warned.

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