Arizona Counties

This is one of the Challenges from our motorcycle club, SEAT (South Eastern Arizona Touring Riders). The idea is to ride our motorcycle to every county seat in Arizona and take a photo of the courthouse. We did it in October 2008.

Jan and I found that in most counties there is more than one courthouse. There are a lot of courthouses that were built around the turn of the 20th century. These were beautiful old buildings in various states of disrepair or restoration. Then each county usually had a new county center that had all the county offices in them. We decided to find the old courthouses in each county. As we came into most county seats we could spot the county courthouse up on a hill or in the center of town.

We cheated a little and did it in two trips, three weeks apart. We couldn't get 5 straight days when we were free. On our first trip we did the eastern counties and the second trip the western counties. We drove a total of 2000 miles over 5 days.


The first one was right here in Tucson for Pima County.
We voted this one as the prettiest.

Then south to Nogales and Santa Cruz County. After visiting their new courthouse we found the old one downtown near the border.

Cochise County had two old courthouses. The first one was in Tombstone.

The current Cochise County courthouse is in Bisbee. Another nice old building.

Next was Safford, the county seat of Graham County. It was right in the middle of main street.

Clifton is the seat of Greenlee County. Clifton is built in a mine pit and is not much to look at. The county courthouse however is up on a hill overlooking the pit. It was beautiful.

We stayed overnight in a cabin in Glenwood New Mexico.

The county seat of Apache County is St. Johns. It is still in use.

Holbrook is the county seat of Navajo County. It is a nice old building now used as a visitors center but it needs some love.

In Flagstaff is the county courthouse for Coconino County. It was beautiful. 

On the way back to Tucson we stopped in Globe for the Gila County courthouse.

Our first stop on the second leg was in Florence. The county seat of Pinal County. It has a clock painted on each side of the tower.

Maricopa County has its courthouse is in downtown Phoenix.

The courthouse in Prescott for Yavapai County is in the town square. 

There is a nice old courthouse in Kingman for Mojave County

Le Paz County was only formed in 1983 by taking a piece of Yuma County. Their courthouse was also newer.

Our last county seat is in Yuma for Yuma County. The old nice building is still in use but has had many buildings attached to it.

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