Colorado Vacation

In May of 2013 we went to Colorado to see Katelyn, our granddaughter and Teresa our daughter-in-law graduate. It was a nice six day vacation. We we able to spend time with Troy's family and play tourists.

The first day we went to the graduation and then out to eat. The second day was our 35th anniversary. We walked downtown Boulder. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and there were a lot of families out.

As Jan is now an official miniature museum docent we visited a miniature museum in Denver.
On Monday we went to old Colorado City. It was a fun place to take photos.
Then we rode through the area where they had the big fire last year and 350 houses burned. The fire got to about 1/2 mile of their house. Most of the houes have been rebuilt but it will be a long time before the mountain recovers.
Katelyn, Teresa and Troy all had new cars. Troy and I tried out his FJ in the mountains for about 3 hours.
On Tuesday we took the cog train to the top of Pike's Peak. It was cold up there but clear and beautiful.
At the base of the cog train is a cute little town, Manitou Springs. We walked the town and had lunch.
The next day Jan and I went to the Air Force Academy. It is a very impressive place.
We spent some time at the house and then went to the Garden of the Gods for a walk. it is only a couple of miles from Troy's house.
Troy works for Maxim which is only a mile from where they live.
On Thursday we went to Teresa's pinning ceremony.

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