Trip to Colorado September 2010

Roger Austin and I have been riding together for over 30 years. We had not gone on a ride together without a big group in years. This was the time to do it again. We went for 4 days and 3 nights to Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. It was a total of 1800 miles. We got into some rain in northern Colorado so we headed south to better weather. We stayed in Monticello Utah, Durango Colorado and Santa Fe New Mexico.

Breakfast in Globe

The ride up through northern Arizona was beautiful. The wild flowers are all in bloom.

Roger loves his new IPhone 4. It came out every place we stopped.

We see a lot of Starbucks. This one is in Flagstaff.

Monument Valley

Next stop was Gooseneck State Park in southern Utah

On CO141 south of Gateway

The Gateway Auto Museum. This is the top garage for the founder of Discovery Channel. An excellent auto museum.

In the rain most of this day. This is a construction stop north of Ouray on the highway to Durango, the Million Dollar Highway. We usually stay off this road because of the traffic but with the rain and mid September we had the road to ourselves.

Getting a cup of coffee in a bar in Silverton

Roger is back on his IPhone looking for a motel in Durango. It was great for this. It also takes great photos.


Chama New Mexico. This is a great little town. We had some great Lattes here and free fudge samples.

The Rio Grande Gorge just north of Taos on US64. US64 west of here is a great motorcycle road.

The Sipapau motorcycle rally was the coming weekend. People had already started to arrive. 

Our last Starbucks leaving Santa Fe. We were there at 6am. We were home at 2pm, 521 miles later.

Some of Roger's photos with his IPhone

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