Camping with the Grandkids

On March 16th, 2009, the grandkids and I went camping together on Mt. Lemmon. This time of year only the lower campgrounds are open. We went to the General Hitchcock Campground. It is in a wooded canyon at about 600 feet elevation.

We found a great campsite. We all have our jobs to do to get set up. We have done this before. Nick is in charge of setting up the tent and gives orders to his three helpers.  We had hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner. We started a big fire as the temperature started to drop. The weather in the valley is in the low 80s but cooler on the mountain.

We went to Windy Point to see the sunset. It is about 3 miles further up the highway. It is a beautiful spot with a lot of rocks to climb and sit on. You can see all of Tucson and 80 miles to the Mexican border.

That night it got real cold. Nick and Sam were warm but Craig and Amy froze. Craig was up at 5:30 to light the fire to get warm. Everyone grouped around the fire. Amy and Sam fixed pancakes for breakfast. We had run out of water so we heated the apple juice to drink with breakfast.

After packing up we went further up the mountain to Ski Mountain. Most of the snow is now melted but there was enough to plaster each other with snow balls.

Another great camping trip. The kids slept all the way down while Craig enjoyed the curves. We all got back happy and filthy.

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