California Trip for Will's Birthday

It was Jan's Dad's 85th birthday. We drove to Aptos, California. We visited with all the relatives. We drove one day to San Jose and another to Nepenthe at Big Sur to meet with Ed and Greta Wing.

Happy Birthday Will

We again rented a Prius. I really like these cars. We averaged 44.1 MPG this trip.
We went to the Santa Cruz pier for lunch and to shop for a toe ring for Jan.
Nepenthe is a restaurant on a cliff overlooking the ocean south of Big Sur. We have been going there for years. This time we met Ed and Greta Wing there for lunch. They are staying in their motorhome in Morro Bay. This was a great place to meet. This coast is often all fogged in but not this day.
We drove to San Jose to put flowers on Jan's Mom's grave. She died in February 2008.
We had a birthday party and dinner at Jill's house.

This is Matthew.

We all met and at Spinelli's for dinner one evening.

And Julia

And Jack

And Michael

And Jill

Everyone came to Will's house to visit one afternoon.

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