Big Bend 2010

On March 3, Dave Delie and I left Tucson for Big Bend. We first went to Globe, then Safford, over Mule Creek Pass to Silver City. We took one of our favorite roads, NM152 to Kingston and Hillsboro. We then went to our motel in Alamogordo. Dave and I like Motel 6. A nice 480 mile day with some great roads.

The next Morning it was east on US82, up steep switchbacks in the cold to the town of Cloudcroft. They had about 6 feet of snow on the ground but the road was almost completely free of ice. Breakfast was in to Artesia NM. Next it was south on US285 to Carlsbad. We took USA 180 stopping to visit the Guadalupe National Park. Neither one of us had been there. Then it was south to Van Horn Texas and onto I10 for 37 miles to Kent and south on TX118 to Fort Davis. The hills around Fort Davis have some of the best twisties we have ever been on. We need to go back soon. We arrived in Alpine about 3pm after 380 miles and met up with Deryle, Wanda, Don and Dirk. There would be about 15 of us for dinner that night.

The next morning we headed south on TX118. It was a great road but a little cold when we dropped into a valley and hit deep, thick fog. After about 10 miles of that the road and air cleared up and Dirk and I made good time to the home of Voni and Paul Glaves. They live out in the desert a few miles north of Big Bend. They have a really sweet adobe house with a windmill, a water tank, a truck to haul drinking water and two out buildings to house Paul's shops and their 7 bikes. Voni calls it a mystical place and that it is. Voni and Paul are both serious motorcycle riders. Voni's 1994 BMW R1100RS has 270,000 miles on it and Voni has 900,000 miles on all her bikes. She is fortunate to be married to a master BMW mechanic. They both fixed us all a wonderful Mexican breakfast. Check out the visitor's signatures on the refrigerator. They get a lot of company.

Next it was on to Big Bend National Park. Dave, Dirk and I went through the park to the river while Deryle, Wanda and Don took a shorter route. The three of us then took the river road going east along the Rio Grande River. The views are spectacular but the road is so technical that we had little time to look. Maybe next time. Then it was back to Alpine through Marfa. We stopped to see the sight of the mysterious Marfa lights. 300 miles that day.  Dinner that night was at a fancy place, the Reata.

Sunday morning we headed home. 540 more miles. Thanks to Dave's eagle eyes he informed me I had a flat tire 10 miles out of town. We got out the electric pump and I managed to get to Van Horn, 100 miles on the way home monitoring my 1 PSI pressure drop every 10 minutes using Dirk's tire pressure sensors. Thanks Dirk. A can of sealant in Van Horn fixed the problem.

We had a good ride home. Dave and I were alone from Deming on. The wind was blowing hard and the last 40 miles were in heavy rain. We still enjoyed it. We hope this will be the First Annual Big Bend Ride.


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