Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & Denmark

May 2018

North Holland

We had a few reasons to go on this trip. We had not been to Europe in a few years. I wanted to do some driving. Jan had never been to the low countries except for a one day river tour stop in Amsterdam last December. Also Jan, who is a docent at the Tucson Miniature Museum, has been on a mission to see all the great miniature museums in the world. Check the link on the front page for the ones we have been to. One of the most interesting and largest is in Hamburg Germany. Let's go there.

We flew from Tucson to LA to Amsterdam. We rented a car and stayed the first night is Zaanstad, a small town outside of Amsterdam. We again used Best Western for most of our hotels.

This is a map of our trip.

We arrived in Amsterdam about 1 PM. We were not there an hour and met this couple that were really into American military vehicles

Our first day was the day to see tulips. It was cloudy and sort of raining but we couldn't change the weather. The best place is Keukenhof Gardens. It is really a huge tulip garden. It is a very popular tourist spot and there were acres of tour buses and it was full of people. It was however beautiful. For 8 weeks they display the tulips and then they are dug up and harvested.

Everyone had to have their photos taken with the tulips.

This fellow told us how the tulips are dug up and separated for sale. He said they make as much in the 4 weeks from tourists as the do the rest of the year selling tulips around the world.

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