New York City and the Eire Canal

September 2018

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We flew into Albany New York. We rented a car and took off to explore the Erie Canal. This is one of the engineering marvels of the USA. Opened in 1825 it was the main commercial route for people and goods from the east coast to Lake Erie and the mid west until the railroad in the 1840s. Over the years it has been widened and in some areas rerouted. It is still used for some commerce but mostly for pleasure boats. You can take a sailboat up the east coast, up the Hudson River, through the canal to Lake Erie , through Lake St. Clair into Lake Huron and Lake Michigan to Chicago. Then go through the Chicago Canal to the Mississippi River and New Orleans.

We followed the route of the canal from Albany to Syracuse going east following the Mohawk River but did not see the canal at all. We then visited the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse. Days later we explored further north of Albany in Waterford and Cohoes and found some of the old canal and the new canal.


I had to do a selfie with my new IPhone

The original route from Albany to Buffalo and Lake Erie

New canal from Waterford to Lake Erie going around Syracuse

The Hudson River is a large beautiful river. It is affected by tides as far upstream as Albany, 140 miles upstream.

Much of the original canal around Albany has been long ago filled in.

Boats were first pulled by horses, later by tug boats and now under their own power.


A new lock on the left and the old ones on the right.

The highest height gain was needed just east of the Hudson river following the Mohawk River.

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