Trip to California

April 2019

Our old friend Cynth Frego has moved into her new home in Fallbrook, California. We spent 3 nights there and then drove to Los Angels. We like to go to LA and just play tourists. This trip we visited the Angels Flight, the Peterson Auto Museum, the Mullin Auto Museum and the Ventura County Museum. We came home through San Diego and stopped in Carlsbad to visit the Joe Martin Mechanical Museum.

Peterson Auto Museum

Mullin Auto Museum

George Stuart Exhibit

Craftsmanship Museum


Cynth's new home

Cynth's house was built on her daughter Robin's property by Robin's husband Marty and their three sons. This is Robin and Marty's home.

Cynth and Jan love decorating together. Time to hang pictures

Robin's husband Marty helped hang some pictures up high.

We had afternoon tea in Escondido

We were in a room full of women with fancy hats. The waitress found Craig a hat.

Marty and Robin own two Black Rock Coffee stands. The first one is in Oceanside CA. This is the new second one in Vista. It will open on April 12th. They have put a lot of work into it and are really excited about the opening.

We left Cynth's home on Monday morning and drove to Los Angels. We drove downtown to ride on the Angels Flight. It is a short ride and only cost $1 each way. Parking in the area however is $12 an hour. It was built in 1903 and recently was restored.

Next we went to the Peterson Auto Museum. It is one of the best auto museums in the world. It is in downtown LA on Wilshire Boulevard. We have been there several times but now they had a special exhibit of Porsches we wanted to see.

Our photos of the cars

Peterson Museum website

We stayed the night in Oxnard. We had a Hampton Inn down on the pier. Oxnard is an interesting town. It is small and like California used to be years ago before all the sprawl. They have some nice beaches.

The next morning we had a reservation for a tour of the Mullin Auto Museum. This is a private collection of French cars. Tours are only on special request. We were in a group of 15 people and were the only people allowed in the Museum that day. We had a guided tour. We were on the tour for 3 hours but decided to leave early. We had a tour guide that knew everything about the cars and French cars in general.

Our photos of the cars

Mullin Auto Museum website



Jan is a docent at the Miniature Museum in Tucson. We are both interested in miniatures. The Tucson Miniature Museum has 32 historical figures made by George Stuart. He has others on display at the Ventura CountyMuseum. He lives in Ventura.

Our photos of the figures

The George Stuart website

The next morning we headed home. First however we wanted to stop in Carlsbad to see the Joe Martin Craftsmanship Museum. It is another miniature museum that specializes in mechanical objects.

Our photos of the museum

This is their website


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