Trip to the BMW National Rally

Jan and I took our new BMW R1200GS bike for a ride. We had to have a destination (not sure that is true) so we picked the annual BMW National Rally in Redmond Oregon. I bought this bike as Jan thought my other bike, the BMW K1200S, sort of a sport bike, was not comfortable. (Actually she said "I will never get on that thing again" or "You really don't want me to ride with you anymore") This bike has a cushy suspension, a nice seat, a big windshield that blocks all the wind and huge saddlebags. I think she liked it.

See the map below. We tried to stay out of the heat but it is not easy. The first two days were hot and the last day across from San Diego was a scorcher. Jan handled it very well but not without comment.

I tried to keep the daily mileage down to under 400 miles. I did pretty good. We went 3280 miles. We were gone for 13 days but we only rode 10 of those. I think an average of 328 miles a day is reasonable.

We stopped to visit our friends Ed and Greta Wing in Chester, California. They have a beautiful home on Lake Almanor overlooking Mt. Lassen. They took us for a ride on the lake. On the way home we stopped to visit our old friends Cynth and Jim Frego in Grants Pass. We also checked in on Todd, our former son-in-law.

We took the long way down the coast of Northern California to Aptos to spend two nights with Jan's dad. We had no rain the whole trip but we had the heated vests on for 2 days while on the California coast.

Spent the night in Laughlin ($12 a night), Tonopah NV, Truckee, Chester, Prineville OR, Grants Pass OR, Fort Bragg CA, Aptos and Lake Forest CA.

Our New to us, BMW R1200GS

Our fuel stop in Gila Bend. Not hot yet.

The World Cup was fresh in our minds

She likes the breaks

Goldfield Nevada

Jan's parent's former home on the lake

Ed & Greta's home on the lake

The view of Mt. Lassen from Ed's boat dock

Ed & Greta were great hosts

Arriving at the rally

The best event was the un-concourse for BMW GS bikes. This was the 30th anniversary of the GS.

The judging was done on how the GSs were used as they were designed to be used. How dirty were they,  how much junk was added to them and how many places they had been.

Stickers gave them extra credit

Not sure how he saw the road. He was from Australia.

My second favorite was the display of old BMWs

SEAT Website

Always one of our favorite places. Crater Lake.

A display of bears and bikes in downtown Grants Pass. They only get a few days of dry weather a year and they make the most of every one of them. There is always something going on.

Cynth & Jim. Great friends from way back when.

Saying hi to Jan's mom. We miss her.

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