2010 Activities

We have had a fun and busy 2010 (through July) Below are some of the activities.

This past winter we had more rain than usual. This always brings a lot of spring wildflowers. Our backyard garden is usually the best during the winter but this year it was better than ever.

Amy has for several years been on a swim team. They really work them hard. We go to as many of the swim meets as we can. She continues to get faster and faster.

Her father is usually at the meets

One of Jan's favorite things to do is to go to the circus. The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey came again to Tucson this year. We celebrated her birthday with the elephants.

Amy usually doesn't like the clown to get too close. She smiled this time.

We traded hats

We spent a lot of time this year helping the homeless. This is Crystal. She is really working hard at improving her life.

We had to take my new R1200GS out into the dirt. There are huge areas of undeveloped desert around Tucson. We decided to follow the power lines north and west out of Catalina.

The monster did real well until I got into a wash with a foot of soft sand. You have to keep it up over 30 MPH to stay on top of the stuff.

Amy again participated in the Ensemble Concert. 24 pianists playing on 12 grand pianos. There were 25 groups like this. Amy is the 4th from the left in the middle row.

Again the fourth from the left

The girls have a great time designing and making greeting cards for all purposes.

Every Friday a group of us ride up the Catalina Highway, Sky Island, to Mt Lemmon.

We stop at the ski lift at the top.


Tracy and Amy. Amy is the tallest one now.


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